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Villa Vinea
Rumänien - Transsilvanien

Winery description:
Villa Vinea Winery is a new building with an architecture that reminds us of the old towers of the villages of Transylvania. In the underground there are stainless steel tanks; there, the unferemented wine ferments at a controlled temperature and later turns into wine. The story of the wine coming from this gravitational cellar on three levels begins on its "roof" where the grapes fall into a machine that removes the clusters, and then they get into a pneumatic press. The grapes are gently pressed. The unfermented wine reaches the tanks and begins its metamorphosis, closely monitored by the person in charge with the cellar.? Villa Vinea wants to share the story of the places and the people who toil in the vineyards and the story of the rebirth of traditions, the link to innovation and the modern. We want the new vineyards to embrace the Târnavelor Valleys and we want to surround ourselves with hardworking people and curious visitors. We want you to taste a bit of the Transylvanian spirit so that we can restore the Transylvanian Romanian viticulture.

our wines
Feteasca Neagra - 2017
Feteasca Regala - 2017 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR

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