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    • PAR Taster Frederic Caccia, Martin Darting, Inge Mainzer, Jochen Erler

    • Winner of the competition 2016

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    PAR  Wine Award International

    PAR® Wine Award International is an exciting tour through the wine world stretching from Poland to Jordan and from Armenia to Greece. This event, established in 2016, invites tasters, wine retailers, restaurateurs and connoisseurs to discover wine qualities and styles of these countries.

    The principal objective of the contest is to highlight the diversity of the products native to the well-known and upcoming wine-growing nations in the Eastern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean area and the Black Sea region. Each wine obtains a quality evaluation by nuanced PAR assessment method that covers its origin and style embracing original Orange Wine, modern international techniques and traditional bottle fermentation.

    The intended limitation of the number of countries involved warrants the excellent detail precision, and at the same time, the repeatability of the PAR method ensures the possibility of the international comparison of the products.

    Along with boosting new marketing avenues, WINE System AG is committed to safeguarding rich wine-making heritage tied closely to the traditional culture of these nations – some of them with more than 6.000 years of viticultural civilisation – and to set up a platform for the interplay between all relevant participants.

    The following countries are invited to join the contest:
    Poland - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus - Ukraine - Moldova - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungary - Slovenia - Croatia - Bulgaria - Romania -  Serbia - Kosovo - Montenegro - North Macedonia - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Albania - Greece - Cyprus - Turkey - Georgia - Azerbaijan - Armenia - Syria - Lebanon - Israel - Jordan.

    Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting    

    WINE System AG
    Daxa 8
    83112 Frasdorf
    08032 91633-20
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