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Liliac Winery
Rumänien - Transsilvanien

Winery description:
Liliac is a blooming winery, located at the heart of Transylvania, 14 km away from Bato??, an area with a rich wine-making tradition where the latest technology rounds out the art furnished by renowned wine experts. The grapes are harvested manually and they are handled with care until they've reached maturation. What is more, they are processed with very special care. The wine-making process is primarly the task and responsibility of an excellent team of local and international experts. The production processes generate optimum conditions for obtaining high quality wines. Bato? and Lechin?a? vineyards may seem like a long forgotten land in the eye of the traveller. On the other hand, the wine expert will see it as a region that has been created especially for the production of exceptional grape varieties. The gentle hills that remind us of Tuscany hills and the numerous streams are intertwined on the green hills. The land which is rich in minerals and the temperate continental climate contribute profusely here, at the shelter in the Carpathian arc, to the rich harvests of grapes.? At the wine-tasting cottage, which is hidden amidst the vineyards?, there is a stunning, breathtaking scenery that lies ahead of you. The Saxon church towers that rise in the midst of the houses in Bato?? village seem to remind us of the bygone days which bestow a certain beauty upon the place.? Here, at Liliac winery you can taste wines obtained from domestic varieties as well as foreign ones.

our wines
Feteasca Regala - 2017 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
Feteasca Alba - 2016

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