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Casa de Vinuri Cotnari
Rumänien - Moldova - Cotnari

Winery description:
Cotnari Winehouse is a premium wine producer in the vineyard of the same name, wines designed exclusively for hospitality and specialty shops ("Colocviu" and "Domenii") that follow the fusion of tradition (exclusive exploit of indigenous varieties) with modernism (wineries equipped with newest technologies).? Our wines treasure the secret voice of grapes and wait to be discovered in the cellar of Vladoianu Castle.? Today the castle houses Cotnari Wine House continuing thus the story of the wine - a story about wine making art, whispered in crystal wine cups.?

our wines
Colocviu La Atena - 2017 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
Fetească Albă - 2017
Castel Vladoianu Feteasca Neagra - 2016

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