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Archil Guniava Wine Cellar
Georgien - Imereti
http://winetrailtravel er.com/georgia/archil guniava.php

Winery description:
The family started to produce wine in the cellar 4 generations ago at the beginning of the last century. Qvevris in use are age old and are in use since generations. Over decades the family, it is their traditions, only produce this wine in such Qvevris in the same cellar.
Currently there are 17 Qvevris in use with a total capacity of 10 tons. Typical production quantity is about 4.000 bottles per year. The wine produced is traditionally not filtered. The vineyard is located on a sun-endowed slop in southern direction of best climatic and pedological conditions, at an altitude of 300 m above the sea level.
Wines are made from grapes which are harvested from the company's vineyards (1.5 ha) only. The company started bottling 7 years ago and is selling to Italy, Japan, Poland and the USA. Chemical fertilizers are not used in vineyard operation. Varieties of grapes used are the traditional Tsolikouri, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Otskhanuri Sapere, Mgaloblishvili, Dzleshavi.

our wines
Krakhuna - 2016 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
Tsitska - 2016 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
Krakhuna - 2015
Otskhanuri Sapere Tsolikouri - 2015
Tsolikouri - 2015
Tsolikouri - 2015 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR

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