Competition under the banner of diversity and wealth of aroma variants

First PAR® Wine Award International with 108 wines, 12 countries from Eastern Europe, as well as Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions 

Frasdorf, December 2016 – the primary objective of the PAR® Wine Award International is to create a platform for such exciting wine countries like for instance Georgia, Bulgaria or Israel, as well as for the winemakers working in a high-level virtuoso way. The degustation on the 09th of December 2016 made it obvious: the foundation stone was laid successfully. 108 submitted wines coming from 12 different countries posed a welcome challenge for the entire PAR team and Martin Darting, head of tasting. It’s seldom that an expert degustation group encounters such a grape type and style diversity, as well as multi-variant aroma complexity – from genuine Orange Wine via full-flavoured red wines rife with surprising depth through to crisp whites that might enthuse many a Riesling fan. In total, Top Gold has been achieved twice, 37 wines became Gold and 47 ones earned Silver. The top marks went to Georgia – 98 PAR points in the white wine category for the 2014 Kvevri wine Rkatsiteli Kisi Khikhvi from family wine-growing estate Naotari Wines and to Hungary, the barrel matured 2012 Villàny Csanàd Cuvèe from Koch-Vin vineyard received 96 points in the red wine category.