Competition under the banner of diversity and wealth of aroma variants

First PAR® Wine Award International with 108 wines, 12 countries from Eastern Europe, as well as Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions 

Frasdorf, December 2016 – the primary objective of the PAR® Wine Award International is to create a platform for such exciting wine countries like for instance Georgia, Bulgaria or Israel, as well as for the winemakers working in a high-level virtuoso way. The degustation on the 09th of December 2016 made it obvious: the foundation stone was laid successfully. 108 submitted wines coming from 12 different countries posed a welcome challenge for the entire PAR team and Martin Darting, head of tasting. It’s seldom that an expert degustation group encounters such a grape type and style diversity, as well as multi-variant aroma complexity – from genuine Orange Wine via full-flavoured red wines rife with surprising depth through to crisp whites that might enthuse many a Riesling fan. In total, Top Gold has been achieved twice, 37 wines became Gold and 47 ones earned Silver. The top marks went to Georgia – 98 PAR points in the white wine category for the 2014 Kvevri wine Rkatsiteli Kisi Khikhvi from family wine-growing estate Naotari Wines and to Hungary, the barrel matured 2012 Villàny Csanàd Cuvèe from Koch-Vin vineyard received 96 points in the red wine category.

Submitted wines originate in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel.
Top-rated “gold wines” in the red wine category are the 2013 Kvevri wine Saperavi from the Georgian vineyard Satsnakheli and the 2015 Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Mavrud, matured in a steel tank, from wine-growing estate Terra Tangra in Bulgaria - both became 95 points. Two highest Gold marks among submitted white wines went to the vineyard Limnos Organic Wines from Greece. The 2016 Limnos Ambeloessa and the 2016 Travel to Limnos, made in an oxidative style in a steel tank, earned 94 points.
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Boring? That’s something else entirely!“
“Boring? That’s something else entirely!” was a brief comment done by Jochen Erler, an Eastern Europe expert with years of experience. Martin Darting about the competition premiere: „ after this interesting and revealing tasting we are sure that the PAR Wine Award International concept has enjoyed great success. Our goal was to shine a light on diversity and slumbering capability, as well as to gain a realistic impression of wine quality from the invited countries. While the styles of the reputed as “big” wine nations, influenced by the application of the similar cellar technology, steadily resemble each other, one can even say they became uniform; apparently, countries from Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean regions subsist on incredible variety. Many participants have drawn a traditional virtuoso know-how into a race and delivered splendid and highly individual wines. We are all eagerly awaiting the sequel in 2017.”

Assessment with PAR®Thanks to the transparency of the internationally recognized sensory testing system PAR, each submitted wine receives a comprehensible and objective documentation of its sensory and oenological characteristics, which are always assessed respectively authenticity and style. The PAR training enables the qualified jury consisting of oenologists, sommeliers and wine experts (certified by the German IHK) to assess each wine neutrally, excluding personal preferences or preconceived opinions regarding “good taste.” In the context of modern oenology, new international wine styles experience appreciation and acceptance in PAR assessment likewise the traditionally made wines. Besides attracting attention brought by this award, many producers appreciate the revealing analyses underlying the PAR assessment. They show exactly which criteria have led to respective results and provide valuable documentation for the quality management.
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